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Education and the Future

January 16, 2014 was a special evening for the College of Education.  That night, the inaugural lecture of the John H. Lounsbury Distinguished Lecture Series on American Education took place in the Magnolia Ballroom.  This lecture series has been a long time dream of many faculty and staff members; it was a joy to see this dream come to life so successfully.

Dr. Paul S. George, professor of education emeritus at the University of Florida and long time friend of Dr. Lounsbury, was our guest speaker.  The Magnolia Ballroom resonated with over 250 students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members for George’s lecture, Education and the Future: A Progressive Perspective

“The just launched Distinguished Lecture Series on American Education is a further attempt to prepare our students for leadership in the always in flux arena of public education. It will bring an established scholar to present and lead discussions on the historical backgrounds and current status of a fundamental aspect of education. It will serve equally our students and in-service teachers in the middle Georgia area, and indirectly enhance the College of Education's reputation,” Dr. Lounsbury.

Ongoing support of the John H. Lounsbury Distinguished Lecture Series is provided by the Friends of the College of Education.  Your generous contributions will ensure that future attendees continue to learn more about education in America.  Donations may be made to GC Foundation, c/o JHL Lecture Series, CBX 096, Milledgeville, GA 31061.

CoE Alum Influences

Local Youth

Jack Jennings is making a difference among the youth in Warrenton, Georgia. Jennings, along with four friends from high school, have begun Enrichment Avenue, Inc., an organization with a mission to embrace opportunities to demonstrate positive guidance, encourage higher learning, and assist in restoring the interest in a quality life. 

 “We were inspired to start this organization due to the direction that we felt our youth were heading.  Being young men who have gained the respect of our elders, peers and youth, we feel that we are capable of using our influence to inspire the youth to strive for a brighter future,” said Jennings about the foundation of Enrichment Avenue.

Enrichment Avenue provides the Warrenton youth positive role models, career guidance, family events, tutoring, and encouragement.  Their first official event, The 1st Annual Back to School Bash, in August was a huge community success.

Dr. Amy Children, professor of special education and Jennings’ graduate advisor, said, “as an African American male growing up in rural Georgia, Jack understands the risks these children face and is committed to providing them support and showing them the opportunities they have to make a meaningful life." 

Jennings graduated from the College of Education in 2008 with a Master’s degree in Special Education.  Since graduation, Jennings has worked with students with severe emotional and behavioral needs at Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Support of Oconee.

To find out more about Enrichment Avenue, Inc., email

Finding Ways to Prepare Better Teachers

Dr. Carol Christy, professor of reading, is spending spring semester in Canada. Christy received the 2013-2014 Fulbright Scholar award and is conducting research at the Canadian Centre for Research on Literacy at the University of Alberta. Her work is focused on teaching reading skills to middle and secondary students by finding the best combination of teaching tools. 

Being a Fulbright Scholar has been a dream of Christy’s for many years and she has worked incredibly hard to receive this prestigious award.  She is thrilled to have this opportunity to conduct research and to bring her findings back to GC to enhance our teacher preparation program.

Dr. Craig Smith, interim associate dean, shared, “The opportunity for Dr. Christy to teach abroad under the Fulbright program provides her a unique venue in which to share her scholarship with those abroad as well as expand the influence of Georgia College well beyond the traditional classroom environment.  The CoE is proud of her recognition and efforts in this endeavor.”

“Professional Development in Person”

Dr. Vickie Deneroff, professor of middle grades education, recently published an article, “Professional Development in Person: Identity and the Construction of Teaching within a High School Science Department,” available on the Cultural Studies of Science Education website.

Deneroff spent three years visiting, observing and traveling with an urban high school science teacher on the west coast. During this time Deneroff studied the science teacher’s experience with professional development and its correlation with her classroom teaching.

In her article, Deneroff proposes a different way of looking at teaching and teacher education.  She makes the argument that teaching is a sociocultural activity and not a cognitive one; therefore professional development should be designed to support identities within communities of practice. 

To find out more about Dr. Deneroff’s article visit:

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