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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Academic Year!

The John H. Lounsbury College of Education is excited to begin the 2013-2014 academic year.  We are ready to take the next steps, through a team-based approach, in reimagining the College of Education.

We warmly welcome 98 new graduate students, 97 recently accepted junior cohort students, and 84 new freshman who will all begin this fall.

As of August 1, the College of Education has implemented a new organizational structure.  We are proud to introduce our leadership team, a strong group that is deeply connected to and part of
the CoE faculty.

Dean of the College of Education – Dr. Jane Hinson
Director of Education Programs – Dr. Trish Klein
Director of Initial Teacher Education Programs (interim) – Dr. Brian Mumma
Director of Advanced Graduate Education Programs – Dr. Diane Gregg
Director of Program Assessment and Accreditation – Dr. Holley Roberts
Director of Faculty Development and Evaluation – Dr. Lyndall Muschell
Graduate and Field Experience Coordinator – Dr. Stephen Wills

Meet the Junior Cohort

The recently accepted undergraduate cohort students gathered on April 9, 2013 for the 2nd annual Dean’s Meet and Greet.  Ninety-seven excited students had the opportunity to mix and mingle with Dr. Jane Hinson, Dean of the College of Education, their mentor leaders, fellow cohort members and other CoE faculty and staff. 

Dr. Brian Mumma, Interim Director of Initial Teacher Education Programs, attended the Meet and Greet and was very pleased with the event. “The students were quite excited and expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to meet faculty, and most importantly their mentor leaders. I spent quality time getting to know a large part of the incoming cohort and was able to provide them information and answer questions they had. The event was a great success!”

This year’s new cohort includes 38 Special Education, 13 Middle Grades, and 46 Early Childhood students.

Students will begin their cohort journey on August 19, the first day of the fall semester. 

2013 Graduation Celebrations

The John H. Lounsbury College of Education proudly bestowed degrees on 293 education students this past academic year.

On Friday, May 3, 2013, 199 graduate-level education students received their diplomas.  Of these, 127 students received M.Ed. or M.A.T. degrees, and 72 students received Ed.S. degrees in various fields to either begin or enhance their teaching careers.

On Saturday, May 4, 2013, 94 undergraduate students received Bachelor of Science degrees in Early Childhood, Middle Grades, or Special Education.  These future educators are well prepared to begin their teaching careers and influence the lives of students.

Congratulations to our new CoE alumni.  Best of luck this year!

GCEC Graduation 
Even though the Georgia College education students wrapped up their course work for the year by May 3, the halls of Kilpatrick Education Center were still alive with activity throughout the month of May. Georgia College Early College was still in session, and the students were hard at work completing assignments and taking finals.  These Baldwin and Putnam county students finished their 2012-2013 school year on May 22.

The GCEC senior class was especially ready for the end of the school year.  On May 24 and 25, eleven students graduated from Putnam County High School and Baldwin High School.  The Georgia College Early College graduates are: Alexis Hill, Alexis Kelley, Andrea Grable, Chiquita Cleveland, DeAndre Hooks, Dustin Jenkins, KiJana Moss, Lauren Johnson, Quintavious Anderson, Tiffani Bass, and Tre’Vion Coffee.

All of these graduates will begin college this fall.  Students are enrolled at Clayton State University, Albany State University, East Georgia College, and Georgia Military College, where they will begin college with 15-29 college credits, plus an extensive knowledge of what campus life is like.

Expertise, Experience, and Passion

The College of Education is fortunate to have extraordinary educators serve as practitioners in residence in our Initial Teacher Education programs.  Carla Hutchings, Wanda Bragg, Jimmy Wright, and Claire D. Garrett have had successful teaching careers in the schools and who are continuing to teach, now, at the college level. 

Carla Hutchings worked in Washington and Wilkinson counties for 33 years as an early childhood teacher and then as an administrator.  She joined the CoE Early Childhood program in the summer of 2010.

Wanda Bragg taught for 37 years in South Georgia as a middle and high school social studies and language arts teacher, and later as a part of the school leadership team.  She joined the CoE Educational Leadership and Foundations program in 2008.

Jimmy Wright spent his teaching career of 29 years in Baldwin county.  He began as an elementary school teacher and then served as a school counselor for elementary, middle and high school.  He joined the CoE Early Childhood program in the fall of 2003 and retired in the spring of 2013.

Claire D. Garrett joined the CoE Early Childhood program this fall.  She taught the second and fourth grades for 14 years at John Milledge Academy, as well as served as Dean of Elementary Students.

All of these practitioners in residence are also alumni of the John H. Lounsbury College of Education.  Their ability to work with students is rooted in a deeper place, since they have all been there – as CoE students - themselves. They pass on their expertise, experience, and passion for education to all the GC students they encounter. 

School Improvement Across Georgia

The 2011-2012 cohort of M.Ed. Leadership Candidates spent their yearlong residency making direct improvements to student achievement across the state of Georgia.  These 12 students designed and implemented School Improvement Initiatives in their home counties.

“These initiatives made a positive impact on the achievement of the students in the K-12 schools across the state.  The demographics of the various schools reflect a poverty level of 70 percent or above.  The Leader Candidates implemented a plan to help these at-risk students in the schools where they completed their yearlong residencies.  Many of the children in these K-12 schools passed the CRCT State Tests for the first time in their lives.  All of the students made gains on their scores. Clearly, concentrated school leadership makes a difference.” – Dr. Barbara Roquemore, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership.

The findings from all of the students’ initiatives were gathered and combined into a proposal that was accepted at the National Youth at Risk Conference. Roquemore and several of the cohort students presented this research at the conference on March 3-6, 2013 in Savannah, Georgia.

The College Experience

One of the great advantages of the Georgia College Early College program is the opportunity high school students have to begin college course work through dual enrollment. 

This academic school year, 40 GCEC students are dually enrolled, including one freshman, four sophomores, 15 juniors, and 20 seniors.  Students are taking classes at Georgia College and at Central Georgia Technical College. Students participating in dual enrollment have the potential to earn up to 52 college credits before graduating high school.

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